Dexters has recently expanded into Hampstead, Highgate and Dartmouth Park. You can read the interview with Dexters Hampstead Director James Morton here, or read a snippet below:

Traditionally known for its intellectual, artistic, musical and literary associations, Hampstead is one of London’s most affluent areas. Dexters has recently increased its reach across North London by joining forces with Benham & Reeves, with offices in Hampstead, Highgate, West Hampstead and Dartmouth Park. 

James Morton has worked in Hampstead for over 27 years, selling the finest properties the area has to offer.

Why Dexters?

We are really excited to join forces with Dexters and are already seeing a rise in activity from buyers all over London. We are working closely with all Dexters offices, particularly Mayfair, and we are seeing a high amount of international interest in our properties. This, combined with our great local expertise, will see us growing our business in Hampstead.

What’s the market like at the moment?

2018 has seen a big increase in business, people are making decisions on their property and getting on with their lives. Demand is on the increase and we’ve already seen more activity in the higher end of the market. Appetite for the properties in the best parts of Hampstead remains strong due to the shortage of available choice and continued strong demand.

To view our available properties in Hampstead, please click here.