A surefire way to secure top quality tenants is to use a corporate lettings service. Our Corporate Lettings and International Relocation team is one thing that sets Dexters apart. The team, based in Mayfair, deals with 200 enquiries every week from companies and individuals from around the world looking to relocate here, making Dexters a market leader in high quality corporate London lettings‎. Our landlords are not just looking for any tenant, but a particular type of tenant who will pay a good rent, keep the property well maintained and stay for the medium to longer term.

With poor quality tenants come rent arrears, void periods and poor rental returns. With corporate tenants, many of whom are professionals who need to stay put for three years or more, landlords can be reassured that they have the best possible tenant in their homes. This complimentary service has attracted hundreds of companies who now deal with Dexters exclusively when relocating employees to London, meaning we can put our landlords’ properties in front of a fantastic pool of top quality corporate tenants, something that an individual letting their own property might struggle to do.

Further, a huge portion of our deals come from our agents getting on the phone to prospective tenants (at Dexters we have 20,000 lettings applicants on our books) informing these applicants of properties that suit their requirements. The sheer people power involved in this is impossible to compete with and allows our landlords to choose the best tenant in the marketplace.

Our robust referencing process means that only the best tenants can rent through us and only 1% of Dexters landlords experienced rent arrears against a national average of 37% according to the NLA in 2016 (National Landlords Association.) We carry out a thorough and complex referencing process so we are able to recommend the best possible tenants to our clients.  Gone are the days of simply speaking to a previous landlord and current employer; we collect three months’ worth of payslips and bank statements, carry out a credit check, spot situations to refer to Action Fraud, carry out a CIFAS check, check accountant references, mortgage statements, confirm right to rent and reference a guarantor. Landlords finding tenants privately and carrying out their own checks on tenants are significantly increasing their chance of experiencing non payment of rent. When you consider that one week of missing rent or a vacant property equates to almost 2% of your annual rent, it makes sense to pay for a lettings expert to find a tenant.