"There are a many great new developments in and around London's West End," Lee Liasi, Dexters Lettings Managing Director commented. "The West End is the new "go to" area for international tenants. From exciting new developments around Covent Garden, Soho and Fitzrovia to Marylebone and 'super prime'  Mayfair flats; we expect to continue to be busy throughout 2018".

Around the outskirts of London Dexters are seeing ever increasing investor demand, particularly around transport links. Andy Shepherd, Dexters CEO, commented that Dexters tips for 2018 are following rail links, particularly the north-south overland line, DLR, Northern Line and Crossrail. The Northern Line is a perennial favourite, offering great access to the City. 

Meanwhile overland links, particularly from Peckam and Sydenham up to Dalston and Highbury is a particular favourite of ours.