2017 finished strongly and we are expecting 2018 to be a very buoyant market from the off in January, then through the spring and beyond.  

Both in central and outer London there is a pent up demand and we are seeing evidence of investors, buyers and others believing that with progress on Brexit and a weak pound there are plenty of good reasons to be involved in the market.  

Property decisions have been put off by many people and plans shelved, but we think the New Year will brings fresh approach; we have already seen a sharp uptake in the number of enquiries. 

Marcus Ward of Dexters Corporate Lettings and International Relocation team explains, "At Dexters we get over 200 enquiries a week and in January this generally is expected to increase dramatically, as we see activity levels rise."  Marcus and his team are based at the Dexters Mayfair office in Grosvenor Street; they coordinate relocation enquiries across all the Dexters offices.  

Lee Liasi Lettings Managing Director commented that "2017 has seen Dexters positioning itself as one of the leading agents in the "super prime" central London market. We have let large amounts of wonderful West End property this year and have hundreds of corporate searches under way both centrally and in London's suburbs."