Dexters Director of Design & Refurbishment Denise Neville gives her opinion on this article in today's Times: Bricks & Mortar:

What is more inviting then a beautiful front door? The front door should capture the style and essence of your interior style. The first step to a show-stopping entry starts with your front door, so it's always a good idea to look at the shapes surrounding a door when choosing knobs and handles. You want to say "Come on in.

"You see a lot of period front doors with a central knob and shiny metal letterbox. These doors, 2 or 3 paneled, look elegant and is likely to match most traditional houses in the UK. Black or red doors with smart door furniture make an inviting front entrance and are a classic exterior paint palette.

Framing your front door with planters is a welcoming gesture that will win plaudits from your visitors and your neighbours. Lighting can also transform the entrance and give you that feeling that makes you glad to be home.

With a contemporary door entrance there is no need to be conservative if it sits well with your homes facade. You can just go for it - wood, chrome or glass, there is nothing more welcoming then a brightly coloured door. Consider making a friendly and stylist statement with a bold modern design.

The cost of doors does vary considerably. It is always advisable to have a quality hardwood heavy door with good quality locks. Once you have chosen the door, the fun part is making it your own, putting an important stamp on your castle.