Dexters spotted at least three noteworthy aspects to this story about a family who made their Barnet home in a 1950s office-conversion.

First, the recent law permitting the development of any commercial property into residential accommodation, providing the opportunity to transform a new generation of ex-working buildings into living space. So those derelict factories or disused office buildings around London could have investor potential. With the right architectural input and planning guidance of course.

Second, flexibility around how to make a family home. This family's top priority was to enrol their son at Mill Hill. They needed to buy a property in Barnet enabling them to make that financial commitment, and were realistic about dispensing with a garden in order to do so. Instead, they embraced the open-plan space that loft-living brings. Barnet, with its heathlands and duck ponds, also provides ample outdoors activity for families. 

Finally, Architect Nate Kolbe's point about designing a property where usability wins out over sell-ability. To our mind, it goes without saying that designing a London property to be used as a home for real people, is the ultimate selling point. 

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