Do you drive a diesel? If it's a pre-2015 model, you'll now be charged 50% more to park in Hyde Park, Marylebone and Fitzrovia. As the mission to banish emissions in central London continues, Dexters ask the cost of clean air for car owners.

Dexters have offices in Marylebone and Fitzrovia, staffed by London locals who often live and work in the same neighbourhood. With a double stake in central London air quality, we're as passionate as anyone about ridding the city of pollution. 

We're optimistic about continually improving underground links. With the arrival of the Elizabeth line - transforming journey times and linking previously unaccessible sides of London - public transport is becoming an increasingly viable option. However, we're also realistic about the fact that sometimes, whether it's the school run or the supermarket shop - you need to drive. 

So, if you're a car-owning central London property buyer, build that hybrid model into your budget. In the meantime, a conversation with Dexters about your property brief is an excellent place to start.