Take a look at the reduced journey times predicted for London's brand new Elizabeth line. Just how much will this high-speed railway transform your daily commute? 

From Paddington to Canary Wharf, for example, it will take just 17 minutes, compared to the current half-hour journey. And from East London's Whitechapel it will take a mere 10 minutes to reach the West End's Bond Street; that's a quarter of an hour's extra shopping right there.

Dexters is fascinated to know how the Elizabeth line will impact on buying and renting in central London. Imagine how much more of it will be open to you, with fast trains carrying 1500 passengers from home to work, shopping, dinner and back again.

With the line due for completion by 2019, stations including Bond Street, Tottenham Court Road and Farringdon will continue to undergo major work as they prepare to become London's busiest stations. 

So whether you're a potential buyer or tenant, why not open a conversation with Dexters about properties in these areas now? You too can be ready to move at high-speed when the time comes.