Dexters Founder & CEO Jeff Doble weighs in on the topic of chains following the below article in the Times. 

"My take on this is that whilst the majority of central London property buyers and investors are not dependent on selling something in order to buy, in London as a whole, buyers prefer to move from one property to another," says Jeff.

"In many London boroughs we find that the majority of buyers move from within that borough. In particular houses tend to attract local people looking for a family home or ‎more space and they routinely sell somewhere in order to buy.

"Chains are a fact of life for Estate Agents, they can make a real difference to the "risk and hassle factor" as they are in the unique position of being able to talk to all parties, their solicitors, mortgage consultants and surveyors.

"Clients are always commenting this is where we demonstrate our expertise and the hard work we put in to earn our fee."

The message is don't fear chains. Local people are usually the reliable buyers because they have a stake in the community and know the area. As long as you have a good, local agent working for you, chains can have be a positive. To sell your property through Dexters, contact us today from 8am - 8pm.