People have very different tastes, so it's not surprising when a seller's favourite part of their house might not be a potential buyer's cup of tea. Francesca Steele at the Times Bricks & Mortar has come up with some top tips on what to avoid when looking to add value to your home (see below). Dexters Hackney's Greg Trotter also weighs in. 

"Personally, I think painting over brickwork is such a shame as exposed brickwork is timeless and makes a property unique; there are never two bricks the same. The brickwork usually loses its wow factor if you paint them all!" Blocked off fireplaces have a similar effect, according to Greg. "Even if a fireplace is disconnected or not in use, those who make the most out of that little square inlet for a feature tend to make the property more appealing to potential buyers. Exposed brickwork wherever possible really adds character to a home.

"Brightly coloured carpets, particularly red, not only make a room look smaller but also make it difficult for viewers to look past and imagine it as their own home, as it often overpowers a room," continues Greg. "Anything dated, such as old-style bathrooms, wood cladding and cork flooring, are also advised against."

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