A group of high-street coffee retailers and businesses located in London’s Square Mile have just joined forces to participate in a scheme that aims to recycle half a million coffee cups in the capital this month. 

In a project led by the environmental charity Hubbub, coffee shops such as Caffé Nero, Costa and Starbucks will take in cups for recycling, even if the drinks were not purchased at their stores. Meanwhile 34 companies based in the City - including giants such as Deloitte and Lloyds - will also collect cups for recycling.   The aim is to reach a point where disposable cups are recycled in the same way as drinks cans and bottles, and it is hoped that 5 million cups can be collected and recycled by the end of the year.

At Dexters we are committed to finding ways to reduce our own carbon footprint, by recycling, using less paper and reducing the energy usage at our offices throughout London. We are also pleased to say that most properties in the new developments we handle are designed to reduce energy consumption. We work for a stellar range of housebuilders, advising and selling new property across London, so if you'd like to know more about London property investment, contact us today.