Dexters are always encouraged to hear about steps towards tackling pollution levels in our city; as London residents ourselves we feel strongly about finding a solution. 

So after a winter blighted by poor air quality and the findings of Sadiq Khan’s pollution study, the emergence of a building material that can absorb highly concentrated vehicle emissions is good news.

For the enthusiastic city dweller in Mayfair or Fitzrovia, proximity to Soho’s theatreland, Oxford Street’s shops and Mayfair’s iconic clubs is all part of the charm. The inevitable downside means that in these neighbourhoods, the quiet backstreets and idyllic garden squares of your dreams are often just around the corner from some of London’s busiest roads and underground stations. 

But owning central London property could be a pollution-free prospect sooner than those smog-filled days in January would have us believe. Anemotech, the makers of “The Breath”, predict that just two 10M² sheets placed in Leicester Square for a year could cancel thousands of vehicle emissions. Good news indeed.

While London is taking its air-quality responsibilities seriously, Dexters are serious about selling fantastic homes. We have twenty eight offices across central London - visit us soon.