As central London estate agents that also live in the neighbourhoods where we work, the Dexters team are experts at location-spotting their way through London-based TV dramas. Admittedly, certain places are easier to identify than others. Take Jerusalem Tavern, just along the road from Dexters Clerkenwell office; we’d know that distinctive facade anywhere. Viewers of BBC One’s Sunday night SS-GB drama, however, will recognise this award-winning pub as the fictional Two Brewers Inn. An additional Clerkenwell location, the old House of Detention building on Sans Walk, also doubles up as a sinister interrogation room.

ITV’s Monday night offering, The Halcyon, is another wartime drama that uses the House of Detention’s labyrinthian basement. This time it portrays the Halcyon Hotel’s bomb shelter, where aristocratic guests take refuge from the Blitz. This location has also played host to Sherlock Holmes and Spooks and with its atmospheric underground rooms and corridors is clearly a film maker’s favourite.

Clerkenwell is a neighbourhood of fascinating history and character, with buildings such as St John’s Gate dating as far back as the sixteenth century. Today, these historic buildings mingle with contemporary apartment blocks, urban warehouse conversions and modern family homes like this one, available to rent just off Clerkenwell Green.

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