Before you embrace Pinterest’s 'most pinned' interior trends, read Dexters' design tips for sale-ready interiors:

Curate a photogenic home 

The fashion for showcasing those must-read novels on your bedside table definitely taps into the current craze for curation. A drinks tray of carefully selected spirit bottles or a shelf of traveler's treasures look photogenically attractive, and make your home an aspirational brand too. The secret to staging a curated home is something Dexters can help with. 

Beware the hyppe

We’ve all seen widespread interior trends that become overdone. Take the scandi-inspired popularity of Hygge, a way of life increasingly mis-translated into cheaply pine-scented candles. That said, Hygge's principles of warmth and conviviality work well in the home, with natural fabrics, firelight and harmonious tones creating a welcoming environment.

Apply sparingly

Apparently, navy is the paint shade of 2017. We welcome colour - gone are the days when your home needed a magnolia makeover to sell it. Using bold accents gives a family home, for example, depth and personality. Just not the entire house….

New houseplants can be enough

Sometimes all that’s really needed is new houseplants and a declutter. We particularly like the low-maintenance hanging plants featured.

When the time comes to sell your London property, Dexters’ dedicated refurbishment and design team will tell you exactly what you need to make your sale. We can advise on everything from fresh paintwork on the outside to a makeover within. Read our guide to selling your house or contact us for a free valuation.