There are a lot of buyers around at the moment; these early weeks in the year are a good window of opportunity for sellers to put their property on the market with Dexters now. The market is strong across the capital, with buyers jumping in where they see good value, a good location or both. Come spring there will be more choice for buyers, so savvy sellers will be putting their homes on the market now. 

It is by no means the ‘perfect scenario’ to sell now and delay buying, as some news outlets have proposed of late – in fact, it could be dangerous to be out of the market. There is no indication that prices are falling; prices may not be rising as quickly as they were, but they are not falling – ebbs and flows are to be expected following years of sharp increases, but Dexters can confidently say that there is still upward pressure on prices, with the overall trend being that of gradual increase. Vendors should be aiming to sell and then buy at the same market price – why wait?

Property rarely sells from an advert alone – in order to get a good buyer and a great price, you need an agent acting as your personal advisor and a team behind them actively promoting your property. Most people want their property assets to be handled by professionals with experience in the market and local knowledge, which is why our clients use Dexters. Working with local experts such as ours is invaluable, not least because buyers and tenants like to see a reliable agent’s label on quality property. Local knowledge is crucial to navigate the complexities of a marketplace and achieve the best possible results.

Get yourself a good agent who is knowledgeable about your area and can provide advice and support. It’s also important to market your property correctly; an agent’s job is to get people through the door of the property, but the house has to be in good shape when they arrive. Consistent maintenance of the home and a spot of decluttering can work wonders. Great presentation and marketing of the property is key, and a great agent can advise you on these.

If your property doesn’t sell by May, you really have to consider switching agents. The London market is strong, with new buyers and investors looking to secure property in a safe yet vibrant and lucrative market. There’s no reason why a sale shouldn’t be secured by spring if you put your home on the market with the right agent now.

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