The world of online estate agency promises a cheap solution, but two vital ingredients are missing; a sales force and a specialist adviser. 

A reputable local agent will have a team of five to 10 local experts putting in hard work to get the best possible price for a vendor.  Most people want their property assets to be handled by professionals with experience in the market and local knowledge.  Working with a local expert is invaluable, not least because buyers and tenants like to see a reliable agent’s label on quality property. Local knowledge is crucial to navigate the complexities of a marketplace and achieve the best possible results; in this respect, online agencies struggle to compete with a bricks and mortar agency. 

With 28 offices across Central London, Dexters is well placed to facilitate your property sale or search.  The United Kingdom has the lowest estate agency fees in the world - compared with a global average of between 4% and 8%. 

Using an online agent to avoid a few thousand pounds in fees can often be a false economy and lead to greater losses in the long run.  Call us today or pop into one of our London offices to discuss your property requirements.