This interior design piece has caught Dexters' eye for a number of reasons. 

Firstly, a look at the design features of this four storey period house in Knightsbridge shows just what can be done for a tall, narrow central London townhouse to achieve wow factor. We value hundreds of properties weekly, so we recognise a winning combination when we see one. Efficient space planning? Tick. Harmonious colour scheme? Tick. Investment in key design pieces? Most definitely a tick.

Secondly, we're always happy to see Knightsbridge spotlighted as an exceptional place to live. With Hyde Park's beautiful green spaces, South Kensington's museums, shops and eateries and tube stations in all directions - all within walking distance - Knightsbridge continues to be much more than a thoroughfare for tourists and shoppers.

Finally, high-end home stays such as this are testament to the demand for rentals in central London's prime neighbourhoods, particularly for overseas tenants seeking a prestigious address while they work or spend a season in the city. 

If you think your property might suit this brief, contact us for a free, detailed rental appraisal. The clear advantage of choosing Dexters as your letting agent comes from the hundreds of searches a month we help international corporate tenants with, providing us with an unparalleled market knowledge.