London is an increasingly popular city to live and work in. The population is 8.5 million and is growing at a rate of over a million more people per decade. Demand for living in the capital has increased regardless of Brexit because London is arguably the most important and exciting city on the planet. It is Europe's largest city and it is unique in that the political, economic, arts, fashion and education centres of the UK are all in the same city, so there is a huge international draw, with London acting as a magnet for global talent.  

The city's popularity as a prime area for property investment is safeguarded as investors the world over recognise that London is unique as a safe investment bet.

This global appeal means that regulations and legislation must be stringently upheld. Dexters has had Money Laundering best practice in place since 2007 when the Money Laundering regulations came into force.  We provide regular coaching and updates to ensure that all staff members are up to speed on regulations.

Each office has a Money Laundering Pack, which includes all of the documents that you need relating to Money Laundering so that they are easily accessible in one place.