The East London Advertiser has marked its 150th anniversary by republishing articles and photos from its archives to show the evolving landscape of East London. 

While Shoreditch's Boundary housing estate was a groundbreaking first in social housing at the beginning of the 20th century, it remains almost two thirds council owned to this day - no mean feat against the onward march of gentrification. In fact, any visitor today would be struck by the diversity of the pedestrian traffic at Arnold Circus, the circular gardens at the heart of the Boundary's radial design. Boundary tenants, families out for a walk from nearby Clerkenwell, and frequenters of Shoreditch's artisanal coffee shops alike promenade the listed gardens and bandstand. 

The fact remains that properties for rent or sale across East London hold a unique appeal for families, professionals and students. A vibrant community, a thriving arts and entertainment scene, plus exceptional transport links all add value to your investment.

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