Dexters partner with developers and housing associations across London. So we definitely have an interest in this story about residents of Southwark's Neo Bankside glass-walled apartments complaining that visitors to the neighbouring Tate Modern were "looking in" at them. 

Amidst a climate of suspicion about newly-developed apartment-towers snapped up by investors only to remain empty, we say at least this shows someone was at home. 

However, we're also firmly of the opinion that status-inspired glass castles in the sky are not the only way to develop, particularly if responsible development and responsible property investment is important to you - as it is to us.

Sympathetic design, a mix of high and low-rise buildings to suit a mix of budgets, a nod to the traditional character of the area, the use of materials that harmonise with the environment, plus ecologically principled development, all equal sustainable development without compromising on luxury. 

As Joanna Plant of Dexters' New Homes team says, "We market warehouse inspired developments in former industrial areas, contemporary homes in conservation areas and high-specification flats in historic buildings that - instead of being bull-dozed - have been painstakingly restored."

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