Whilst it may be the case that a significant number of Americans are wishing they could leave the States right now, Dexters does not anticipate the London housing market to be significantly affected by the imminent arrival of Donald Trump in the White House. 

That being said, demand for London property is strong from US buyers, as well as local, European and Asian. London is arguably the most important and exciting city on the planet. There is a huge international draw, with the capital acting as a magnet for global talent. London is unique in that the political, economic, arts, fashion and education centres of the UK are all in the same city. There are 18 million visitors a year, over 300 languages spoken and London was recently voted No.1 in the Mastercard league of 131 cities. Dexters expects strong demand for London property from all over the world, though not necessarily because of changes in the political climate.